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We aren't (in the traditional sense) an advertising agency, a PR firm, design firm, specialty house, direct mail agency or Web site builder. We are a marketing company, in the truest sense of the word. Integrated solutions are our goal here. Not just the project, but the product, is our focus. So, we are some of all of the above, yet none of the above. We specialize in non-specialization.

Image is everything. Though your image is as important to us as it is to you. Cosmetics alone, while playing a part, will not rule our thinking. Sure we want your piece to "look" good, but if it misses the mark on message, it doesn't. What's generally missing in most advertising messages are the "big" ideas. It is not always attainable, but it is at the heart of everything we strive to do.

Advertising alone cannot sell a product. In the words of David Ogilvy*, in reference to an Alfred Politz and Howard Morgens belief that, [good] advertising can actually accelerate the demise of an inferior product. In other words, all we can do is call attention to your product or service, but it better be able to withstand the heat. We've experienced this principle in practice.

Asking a lot of questions is what we do best. Who else knows more about your business and your niche than you. We believe the better defined the question the more obvious the answer. Some reality is always a given; budget, timeliness and look. As for the rest there are as many ideas as there are stars in the sky.

This company doesn't have hours of operation we have responsibilities. The occasional all-nighter isn't unheard of. We work to deadline not five or six o'clock.

Blakley Creative brings decades of experience to the table. No not a group of crotchety old men, but young at heart down-to-earth experience (age having no bearing). Being a virtual company means that the actual players will change depending on the situation at hand. Our over head is low, yet that is no excuse for a lack of professional, timely productivity. Some work from their homes while some actually maintain office space. Almost all are self employed and rely on results not a guaranteed paycheck. The Internet makes all of this possible and allows us to bring in the best minds in the world, to a job, literally.

*Confessions of an Advertising Man – 1963, by David Ogilvy

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The founder, Ray Blakley has almost 30 years experience in general media advertising, direct mail and multimedia. For the last 12 years his team have plied their skills in the area of Web site design and interactive presentations, while still working in traditional media, print and video.