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Loyalty Management Mailings

This was their bread and butter at Rapp Collins where Ray Blakley worked for seven and half years. These are not on their face awe inspiring, but they are very elaborate in their production. These mailings were frequently numbered in the millions.

There are so many things to consider it would require a small book to detail it all. They very intentionally don't look like direct mail solicitations, since their recipients often are expecting them as a response to a request or it carries their periodic statements. The look is a deliberate attempt to appear more business-like.

The total number of mailings we've handeled their would easily number in the hundreds, if not thousands, during Ray's tenure there.

MCI's Proof Positive New Member Package
When a new member receives this package it announces the arrival of the gift that they selected as well as including the coupon, gift certificate or whatever they chose from a long list. The primary purpose of the package, however, is to deliver the new member their "Proof" that they are saving money over their competitors and their new member credentials.

Network MCI's New Member Package
This package is not dissimilar to the previous sample. This was a business based customer verses a consumer. It also welcomed new members and delivered a free gift.

OnePass (Continental's Frequent Flyer Club) Statement
As part of their obligation to the members of the frequent fliers club Continental must periodically inform them in writing of their standing. Of course, since OnePass is already mailing to the customer, they use the opportunity to do some soliciting for their own products. And defray some of the cost of production by selling space in the envelope to other marketers inserts.

Some of the more creative work for this communication stream is in the inserts we did for them. Were we had no money, but few other creative restrictions other than the overall size and general layout.