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Dimensional Mailer

Hyatt, Nights After Nights, Travel Agent Mailer

Top Ten Reasons
For Having Your Clients
Stay At Hyatt

This dimensional mailer won a Gold Abby Award and was targeted to travel agents and travel agencies. They were enticed to enroll their clients and/or book them into a Hyatt by giving them a $10 (the real 10 reasons) bonus whenever the their client uses their card the first time. It was presented in this handsome box and included a Hyatt money clip on the first brochure.

There were 10 (form) brochures in each box and a phone number to request more. The form served several functions: The upper left section was the sales message and information for the travel agent. The lower left detached to create a self-adhesive enrollment bounce-back form that the travel agent would fill out and mail for their clients imaged with corresponding numbers that also appeared on the temporary cards. The right half of the form detached and had the Nights After Nights sales message to the the traveler, in brochure form. It then folded easily to size to fit in a airline ticket sleeve. It featured a dye cut perforated temporary card for the traveler to put in their wallet and use at their destination.

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