Announcing a New Website for Jammy, Inc.

Jammy, Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas is celebrating its 50th anniversary in business. To commemorate this milestone they decided to overhaul their product offerings website. The original site was over 12 years old and and hadn’t been fully redesigned since.

For this client, Blakley Creative redesigned this site as an online catalog of Original Equipment Manufacturer provided products. As an OEM, Jammy, Inc. doesn’t sell directly to the general public but, through retailers, resellers and distributor agreements. Ease of use and navigability for their customers were the goals here. As well as just a new clean design.

There is a nifty new 3d feature that has been applied to few products but, will expand over time to many more. For a sneak peak click here, then click the “Launch 3-d Model” button below.

All product photography was actually taken by Jammy’s own Ralph Bradley!