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Since 1981, Ray Blakley’s reputation for breakthrough creative design, results-oriented direct response advertising, and strategic trailblazing of marketing campaigns have withstood the test of time.

Not once. Not twice. But hundreds of times. Ray is an expert at generating big ideas, based on a proven creative strategy development process he helped develop. And these days, it takes a big idea to break through the clutter.

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Ray brings both big-agency experience (Ogilvy & Mather, Rapp-Collins and more) and successful small agency ownership to the table. His tried and true tactical techniques along with out-of-the-box thinking have produced millions of dollars in new income for his clients.

His client base includes the small business operator looking for a competitive edge and the mid- to large-size enterprises needing powerful, hard-hitting creative solutions for market-based sales lead generation and new sources of income.

Blakley Creative is a full-service marketing company. The secret to Ray’s success is integration using multiple platforms (or media) to promote a core strategy. Successfully integrated marketing works synergistically to drive maximum sales.

The big idea. Ray is an expert at generating big ideas. Not all alone, in a vacuum, but based on a creative strategy improvement process he helped develop. The rest of the creative world believes there are as many ideas as there are stars in the sky. Ray knows that every client needs just one to break through the clutter of today’s social media populated world.

Blakley Creative does not maintain regular office hours. The doors are open 24/7/365, because a client’s needs don’t always fit normal working hours. The occasional all-nighter isn’t unheard of. We work to deadline rather than a clock.

Blakley Creative has one more powerful benefit for clients. We keep our overhead to a minimum, shaving thousands of dollars from the typical project cost.

Ray Blakley has over four decades’ of experience in design, general media advertising, direct mail and multimedia. More recently, the concentration has been on website design, social media integration and interactive presentations, though Ray continues to enjoy working traditional media, print and broadcast advertising.

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