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Announcing a New Website for Jammy, Inc.

Jammy, Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas is celebrating its 50th anniversary in business. To commemorate this milestone they decided to overhaul their product offerings website. The original site was over 12 years old and and hadn’t been fully redesigned since.

For this client, Blakley Creative redesigned this site as an online catalog of Original Equipment Manufacturer provided products. As an OEM, Jammy, Inc. doesn’t sell directly to the general public but, through retailers, resellers and distributor agreements. Ease of use and navigability for their customers were the goals here. As well as just a new clean design.

There is a nifty new 3d feature that has been applied to few products but, will expand over time to many more. For a sneak peak click here, then click the “Launch 3-d Model” button below.

All product photography was actually taken by Jammy’s own Ralph Bradley!

New Website for Tandem Construction, LLC

Yesterday, Blakley Creative launched this new site for and in cooperation with Tandem Construction, LLC out of Nashville, Tennessee. You could say we did it in tandem…

It’s entirely new look for them but, utilizes their original logo with only minor tweaks. It is updated to all the newest internet and responsive protocols. There is still a little work to be done here but, a site is never really just done.

Tandem Construction is a licensed General Contractor in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential construction. They are highly experienced in the fast track interior build-out projects, specialty medical renovations, industrial upgrades, small ground up projects, large government and steel buildings.

View it in our portfolio here.

Jammy’s 2020 Product Catalog

The goal of this catalog was a ease of use and answer, “What do you do?” at a glance.

Jammy, Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). They manufacture various parts used in building trailers, RV’s, boats, agricultural equipment, job sites and more.

Mostly, in lighting in all its various forms signal lights, strobes, work lamps, scene lights, various conspicuity (reflectivity) products for installation and application.

Also, as a manufacture various hardware parts, from hitch to tail, for most trailer assemblies. They even have boat seat assembly hardware and parts, all kind of door assembly parts, wiring harnesses, breakaway kits, etc. and can do custom runs for larger orders.

Because their end-users (buyers) still collect and catalog these print catalogs for shop and hard copy reference. So, We moved the table of contents to the cover. Using one of the oldest tricks in the book, pun intended, tabs. It also answers the question, “What do you do?”.

Check out the full Jammy Product 2020 Catalog click here!

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas visit their site here too!

Houston Transformer’s 50th Anniversary Makeover

Houston Transformer brought us in to update their website, initially. As the project progressed, it was determined what they were really looking for was a new branding. Their anniversary coincided with the OTC trade show, which was also celebrating their 50th anniversary. Which seemed to be the perfect platform to rollout a new look to an international audience.

While Blakley Creative was responsible for the look and feel, the following acknowledgements must be made: Photography courtesy of Sara Blair, copy for the brochure and conceptual direction advice by Guy Lyman.

To see the entire branding rollout just visit this page.

Putting a bug in your ear

Bug's Ear

Being secure is your only way to ensure your Google rankings.

Last year Google announced that it would rank “secure” sites over “non-secure” sites. Put aside the whole PHP version 7 issue, from 2016 which, I hope you’ve done by now. Google has announced that they would lower the ranking of those sites without the “HTTPS:” designation coming in this month.

We’ve all heard the stories of security breaches and the “internet gods” have deemed this the next necessary step.

Therefore, there is more than one level of “secure” that exists. It depends on what data you collect from your site. For any site with a search or contact form you need the lowest level of security (which cost less), for those who actually take credit cards and other really private data, you’ll need the tighter (more expensive) security license.

If you are on our server (and you and don’t want a “vanity” socket) we can get this service set up without the yearly renewal fees from the licenser but, your pages will not be your own unique , they will be the sever-name dot whatever.

We can have this rocking for you in couple of days too. Let us know when we need to proceed with your security and we’ll get you SECURE!

Don’t let this keep bugging you! We got your back!

Start Your Next Adventure

Adventure Jerky is our latest website design. Designed by Roby McEuen of robeegraffix designed it, Ray Blakley of Blakley Creative and CSW Technologies executed the installation. The actual premise of this site relates to all ages. This is fodder for those changing positions in their lives.

Some adventures take longer than others this basically a life-time!

Announcing a New Web Site for Southern Abstract Company!

Launched today! Southern Abstract Company out of Bartlesville, Oklahoma is making the old new again.

As a full service title and deed company established in 1906, they came into being one year before Oklahoma became a state!

It features a historic photo of turn-of-the-century downtown Bartlesville in the very early days of Washington County, Oklahoma. A sense of history bought into the Twenty First Century solutions. Check them out at